Important Tips for a Clean Post Construction Site

Commercial Construction Cleaning Services in Missoula and surrounding areas- Construction work site cleanliness is important for safety and efficiency. It can be overwhelming to try to maintain the upkeep of large construction sites and projects, so at Keep Missoula Clean, we want to focus on three main tips for keeping your construction site a risk-free and employee friendly, safe zone:

  1. Keep Construction Site Areas Clear of Hazards
    Hazards like nails, scrap lumber, and debris in work and walk areas can cause trip hazards, and flammable, toxic materials can make a workplace unsafe. Keeping work areas and surfaces clean, clear and stairways free from obstruction are some of the key ways to keep your site risk free for employees and on-site workers.
  1. Manage On-Site Waste
    If left undone, waste management on a construction site can be a health risk. Discarding leftover materials and trash is key to managing your project, keeping your project on-time and moving forward. This includes litter, cigarettes, paper, exposed wires, wood, flammable liquids, oily rags and more. A clean, orderly construction site is not only for appearances but for productivity and worker safety.
  1. Post Construction Project Clean-Up
    Congratulations! Your construction project is complete. You’ve invested time, money and effort into your home remodel or building your new office space or facility. There’s one more step to making your project presentable: the post project clean up.

A lot of dust and fine grit has built up and surfaces need to be thoroughly cleaned. For your new space to be presentable and ready for occupancy, a professional construction clean-up is required. Keep Missoula Clean pays special attention to the fine details such as trim, ledges, baseboards, light fixtures, walls, and more.

Contractors throughout the Missoula area rely on us to remove dirt, dust and debris that construction crews leave behind. Contact us for a free estimate and scheduling today! We can also provide a strategy for an ongoing, regular cleaning and maintenance program to keep your facility looking professional and clean.

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